Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Homeschool Week 6

Homeschool Preschool 4-K
Week 6

We divide our homeschool curriculum into 4 basic parts: Bible, Letters and Numbers, Book of the Week and Other Skills. It is geared toward age 4, though many of the activities are good for children of all ages. I write this to give an overview of lessons and projects that we do to give you ideas to teach and do crafts with kids. We have a very casual preschool approach, but it is always fun to be creative and learn together!


Our Bible story this week comes from 2 Kings chapters 22-23. We are learning about the story of Little King Josiah. This story is found in The Beginner's Bible on pages 235-239, which is our primary Bible reading source. We are working on the character trait of attentiveness which means listening by keeping your hands in your lap, mouth closed, ears listening, eyes watching; focused; not being distracted or daydreaming. From this story we learn how God wants us to be attentive to what He wants us to do.

Little Josiah Coloring Page [Printable]

Our Weekly Memory Verse:
Proverbs 19:20 - "Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise."

Scroll Craft
First, we cut a brown paper bag into a rectangle. Then we scrunched up the paper to make it look old and worn. We then folded it back out and pushed it flat again. We then each end around a pencil to make the scroll effect. Depending on the size you could also use paper towel or toilet paper rolls. We then wrote Proverbs 19:20 on it, our memory verse, to practice.

Letters and Numbers

Our letters this week are "V" and "W"

"V" Poster [Printable]

Coloring Page "V" is for Vegetable [Printable]

"W" Poster [Printable]

Coloring Page "W" is for Whale [Printable]

Book of the Week

by Crockett Johnson

Coloring Sheet [Printable]

Other Skills

Learning Last Name
This week we are working on how to recognize and write our last name. I first write the name over and over and then encourage Zoey to write each letter with me. I then write the whole name on a tracer paper with a highlighter so she can copy the whole thing. It is a slow process, but she has taken a great interest in learning her name so we have had success with the practice.

Lace Activity

Even simple activities like hitting a ball with a bat and jumping over rope are ways to increase coordination. We do many of these types of activities during our week that I don't really record in the way to link to worksheets and craft ideas. However, it is an important part of the preschool day for us, and it continues all day and all week.

ABC Jesus Loves Me
Thank you to ABC Jesus Love Me for so many of the ideas and the confidence to teach my child biblical and developmental ideas.

 Tales From A Mother - Daily Devotionals 

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