Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sing Songs of Thanks - 1 Chronicles 23:30

1 Chronicles 23:30 -- “And each morning and evening they stood before the Lord to sing songs of thanks and praise to him.”

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I love to sing. However, I sing very off key and have trouble carrying a tune. Do you think that bothers the Lord? I don’t.

We sing in our car to the radio, maybe in the shower, at a concert, perhaps even in a church service. But are those songs ever addressed to God? Are they ever songs of thanks and praise? Honestly, mine aren’t, not even most of the ones during the church service. I sing because there is someone next to me who is going to think I do not love God if I don’t sing. I mean how bad is that? I’m not thinking about God, I’m thinking about what someone next to me is thinking.

What if we changed our perspective? What if I stopped thinking about the person next to me and started focusing on God? How powerful would those worship songs be then? If I lifted God up while I sang in the car or the shower, how much more joyful would my day be? I would guess a lot.

What if each morning we began the day with a song, a prayer, even just an acknowledgment of thanksgiving and praise to the Lord who provides everything for us? What if we end each evening thanking Him for our day, our lives, our loved ones and for just being who He is for us?

That is my challenge for myself over the next couple weeks - to intentionally give thanks through prayer and song at the beginning and the end of my day. I pray that you would also consider this challenge. I am excited for the Lord to work in me and help me change my perspective - to stop thinking about the opinions of those around me and start thinking about the opinion of the One who created me.

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  1. that was very nice.. i think everybody should do that.