Monday, December 16, 2013

Celebrate In Your Own Way - Roman 14:5

Romans 14:5 -- "In the same way, some think one day is more holy than another day, while others think every day is alike. You should each be fully convinced that whichever day you choose is acceptable."

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We are each unique in our own personality, experiences and method to connect with the Creator. At Christmastime, we each celebrate in our own way. There is no right or wrong way. There should be no judgment of whether a tradition is better, more religious or more valuable. We are all united as God's children and He loves each one of us specifically and individually and an integral part of His family. Christmas is a time for us to come together, united by the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the reason for the season. However, there are many wonderful way to enjoy Christmas and spread peace and joy throughout the world. Let us each celebrate in our own way and together praise the Lord our God for His love that saves us.

"Twelve Days of Christmas"
by John Denver and the Muppets

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