Thursday, May 29, 2014

{Limitless Life} Dwelling Place for God

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God created me. In His image He created us.

Genesis 1:27 --"So God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them."

God used part of Himself to create us. We are made of the stuff of the stars. All the elements that God used to create the world, the galaxy, the universe are the same elements He used to make us. We are a dwelling place for God because we have been built together by the material used to create the stars. God dwells in the universe, in the existence of life itself, and thus He also dwells in us.

1 John 4:16 -- "We know how much God loves us, and we have put our trust in his love. God is love, and all who live in love live in God, and God lives in them."

We can put our trust in God because He is greater than anything in this world, in fact, He is everything in this world. He loves us and He lives in us, in our very being. At the same time, we dwell in Him because we are made of stardust. When we die, we return to His loving embrace. I am not only meekly surrendering myself in the arms of God, He is strengthening me from the inside out. God created me to live in this world, but more significantly, so He could live through me. I do not feel small under the vastness of the sky, instead I feel big because my God is there, He is everywhere. He is love.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson said it best in an interview where Time Magazine asked him what the most astounding fact was:
“When I look up at the night sky, and I know that, yes, we are part of this Universe, we are in this Universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the Universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up — many people feel small, ’cause they’re small and the Universe is big, but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars.”
Here is an astounding video of Neil DeGrasse Tyson explaining this:

Video Edit: Max Schlickenmeyer
Narration: TIME Magazine's "10 Questions for Neil Degrasse Tyson"
Music: "To Build a Home" by the Cinematic Orchestra feat. Patrick Watson

I have felt limited by the thoughts of those around me. That things have to be a certain way with no room for change. I am through being limited in this way. I am ready to challenge my thoughts, my own ideas of who God is. I am done trying to define Him by worldly definitions. God is so much more than that. God is so much more than anything we could possibly image. 

Science and religion has butted heads ever since the black plague. Now, we know no other way than to stand on polar opposites on the subject. I believe science is our key to understanding the potential that God has given us by His creation. I don't want to be limited in my understanding of God, I want to reach for the stars. I am ready to have a limitless life. I am ready to believe in the power of science and religion, not as opposing forces, but as two ways to look at the same subject...God. And no matter how you look at Him...He is astounding.

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