Friday, May 9, 2014

Writing Is My Life

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I have taken an at-the-time needed sabbatical from my blog to regain focus and also be in the moment to the many things going on in life and the people around me. However, I have noticed that I am more easily stressed out and have more trouble organizing my thoughts the past couple months.

I needed to take time to focus on my family, but in doing so, I have neglected writing. I must be honest...writing is my sanity. It is much cheaper than therapy. I think and process information by writing it all out. When I don't write, it seems everything begins to break down and lose clarity, slowly, but surely.

I may not be the best writer, the most articulate or use the greatest imagery; nonetheless, writing is my life. It is the way I make sense of the world and how I deal with things, both good and bad, that I encounter.

Some may never understand this process I am trying to describe. On the other hand, some know exactly what I am talking about and are sitting there just nodding your head. The beauty of life is in our diversity. Some write, some talk, some draw, some paint -- I can't even imagine all the ways different people think and work through things. But we all have our own unique way to understand the world. There is strength in figuring out your own personal method.

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I don't have it all figured out. I don't know that any of us ever truly will. However, I know that I love to write and I love to learn and challenge ideas. I don't want to be afraid to explore ideas anymore.

For me, blogging is an outlet. I enjoy sharing my thought and ideas with you, and I love to get feedback and share community. But at the end of the day, blogging is really for me. I need this - a place to understand, organize and explore ideas. I encourage you to explore with me. I will cover many different things because I truly enjoy many different things.

We live in a world full of expectations, judgments and categories. I have always had trouble living up to expectations, bowing to judgments or fitting into categories. I am ready to break free and just be me. Writing is my life and I am ready to explore a whole new chapter of discovery and adventure!

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