Thursday, June 5, 2014

{McCusker Journal} May - Part 2

Welcome to my May update, Part 2! We did a lot this month and it was too much to bombard one post, so here is the continuation...

One of the more exciting things going on at the house this year is our garden. We spent a lot of time creating raised beds for our plants to grow. Zoey loves to help me water the garden. Even more, she loves to play in the water and get "rained" on by the watering hose while I water the garden. We have a lot of fun outside in the afternoons. Read more about our garden in "Garden Tales."

Zoey was so excited for her first T-ball game! We are part of a great team. Batting is her favorite part and then running the bases. She is making some good friends and she loves her coaches. She was very excited to play.

This is the last night of Awanas Cubbies where she and her friends got their awards. The green ribbon is the big award from reciting all of the verses from the entire Cubbie book (it was a big book too, lasting from last August until May.) I am so proud of her and all of the Cubbies, it's been a great year!

It is the time of year for awards. When Zoey's friend asked if we would come see her get her Little Gym award, we were delighted to go support our friend! Zoey loved climbing and balancing on all of the equipment after the class showed off their tricks. It was a great time, I'm glad we have such good friends!

This is a peek into our everyday life. We play all kinds of games all the time. Zoey just recently got "Ants in your pants" so it is the one we play the most. Zoey and Benji (the cat) are always cuddling, playing and posing for pictures together. Zoey loves the beads you iron, so we had several days of making flowers with those. I tend to sit in my chair when writing. I love it because everything is on the table beside me and I can still interact if it is a time for that. Usually I try to get up before everyone else so I have a few moments to myself though. And Zoey loves building things and then playing pretend. Our living room becomes a canvas for play daily.

One of our biggest adventures this month was going camping at Santee State Park. We had so much fun and got to see so much of nature. A previous Wordless Wednesday post called Peace, was a picture Stephen took of our campsite during this trip. We hiked several different trails and saw all kinds of animals like deer, frogs, opossum, lizards, fish, cardinals and other birds. It was so much fun, and a true moment of peace.

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