Friday, June 6, 2014

{McCusker Journal} May - Part 3

This is the last one! We did a lot in May. Yes, I am definitely going to have to update this weekly. It doesn't seem like we are this busy, but we sure do a lot. That's good though, Zoey will have lots of memories and these posts will help record all of our fun!

So here are the other things we did in May...

We love going to the park. We are going a lot lately because the weather is still nice. In just another month it will be too hot to go at all. One of the downs to living in the south is the oppressing humidity in the summer. But for now, we are enjoying the beautiful weather. Zoey loves this park, especially since there is lots of open space to fly kites. We had a lot of fun and even got to share them with some new friends we met there.

We have T-ball games weekly now. Zoey is really enjoying it, though she does get nervous before the games. Nonetheless, she is making friends and learning how to play and gaining confidence. Zoey loves her coach and one girl has become her special baseball friend. Stephen and I are so proud of her!

Zoey and her friend had a sleepover at the house. We made homemade pizza and the girls got to make their very own - they loved it! Then we watched Frozen and they sang the whole movie. It was so cute, but I think even I (who loves Frozen and the soundtrack) is getting about tired of hearing it non-stop. The next day we invited several people over for a BBQ to celebrate Memorial Day. It was a blast! I love that we can all get together and just laugh!

One of the benefits of the sleepover was we got to take Zoey's friend to the beach with us! They had a great time and so did we. We swam in the ocean, played in the tide pools and then took a long walk down the beach to the edge of the bay where the big ships come in from the ocean. It was a great adventure! We saw all kinds of wildlife: snails, jellyfish (dead on the shore), crabs, coral, seaweed, and lots of birds. It was a peaceful and fulfilling morning. 

We love going to Barnes & Noble storytime. It was a good adventure last week. The girls sat and listened to the story and then played. I found them in a corner reading a book together, it was really cute. I am grateful to raise a kid who loves to read (almost as much as I do).

One afternoon, Zoey and I decided to go to the beach. We had to go on that side of town anyway to run a couple errands and we enjoyed the afternoon. We swam in the ocean and then spent the rest of the afternoon building sand castles (my favorite thing to do at the beach). 

A few more random moments from the month. We love playing outside and blowing bubbles. Zoey builds the train set all over the living room at least once a week. We get together with friends fairly often to play board games and hang out. Zoey in the bottom left corner is what I wake up to if I manage to sleep in until she wakes up. Not a bad way to start the day (unless I can get up and write before she gets up, that's a good way to get up too.) We have fun no matter what we are doing. Life is Good.

Well there it is, our May recap in only 3 "tiny" posts. It has been a good month and a good year. And I am excited for our next adventures!


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