Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'm Back To Writing, Live From Seattle!

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I have been absent from blogging for several weeks now and believe me when I say, I've missed it. However, I have been incredibly busy with a massive project -- moving our family 3,000 miles across the country.

We were so excited when my husband, Stephen, accepted a job with Amazon in Seattle, WA. However, we had no idea how chaotic our lives would become to make this move happen. We began to go through and pack things that have been lying around our house in Charleston, SC, many completely unused, for the last five and a half years. I had no realization as to how much stuff we actually had until confronted with the fact that we were moving from a 1500 square foot house into an 850 square foot apartment. Yep, we had way too much.

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Stephen's job is in the city and he really wanted to be able to walk to work. Besides, Stephen and I have always wanted the opportunity to live in the city and here it was now staring us in the face. We jumped at the thought, despite the sacrifice of space.

Seattle is absolutely beautiful and incredibly interesting. This is a city that I am excited to live in and truly experience. We can walk or use public transportation to pretty much anywhere we want. And we will still have our cars for Costco runs and camping trips.

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We are all set in our new apartment now. Granted I am writing this while lying on a blanket laid out on our bare living room floor. Obviously, since I am posting things again we finally got Internet, the next best thing to furniture. Thankfully, our furniture and belongings will arrive on Saturday. I can't wait. However, my hair is also damp from a dip in our apartment community pool, so things aren't all bad.

I'm most excited about our patio. It is huge and perfect for spending time outside. I am looking forward to beginning each day with a cup of coffee and my laptop or a book sitting outside facing the Puget Sound. Yes, I think city life will do just nicely.

A sneak peek into our new home
Now I am looking forward to ending my moving sabbatical and getting back to writing (so much more fun than packing). Though, you will probably hear me complaining about unpacking soon enough. Nonetheless, it's good to be home.

Greetings from Seattle!

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