Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Wordless Wednesday} Moving Day!

The first step on moving day was getting everything on the truck. Like I said before ("I'm Back to Writing, Live from Seattle") we have a lot of stuff, too much for our apartment probably. However, we won't know what we need and what we don't until we get it there. So we got rid of what we could and packed everything else. Thankfully, Amazon is moving us. These really nice guys came out and packed everything and put it on the truck for us. It is my kind of moving.

Our next step was to say goodbye to this house. It was the first house Stephen and I ever bought. It was also the only house Zoey ever knew. We brought her home from the hospital to this house. It is hardest for her I think. I can see all the flaws in the house and know somewhat about the adventure ahead of us. For Zoey, that house is simply her home and she is going into the unknown. She is doing amazing with the transition and even seems genuinely excited about it. I know I am.

The last leg was the flight from Charleston, SC to Seattle, WA. It isn't a bad flight it usually takes a total of six and a half hours in the air. This trip our layover was in Dallas, TX. It was just long enough for us to grab some pizza and board the plane. My favorite kind of layover. We got into Seattle at midnight local time; to us it felt like 3 a.m. Nonetheless, I was glad the day had finally reached an end. We were home.

So perhaps this wasn't quite a wordless Wednesday, but I am glad to share my adventures with you. It has been a crazy journey and we still aren't quite settled yet until we can unpack everything this upcoming weekend. I'm happy for this community because no matter where we physically are, I can come online and it always feels like home.

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  1. An exciting change. Good luck to you all and I'm sure Zoey will come to love Seattle.

  2. Happy moving day! (and I loved what you said, no matter where you are, the blogging world always feels like home) :)

  3. That sure is a long, busy journey. Congratulations on the move!

  4. Wow - love that they even took your cars on the trailer! Good luck in your new home :)

  5. What an exciting day! Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  6. Awww looks like a really long day for all of you. I hope you will settle down in your new home fast =) #WW

  7. WOW, a move across the country! I have a good bloggy friend who lives in your neck of the woods. I didn't know that Amazon has moving options. That's good to know. Happy #WW!