Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Memories 2014

This was a Christmas to remember. Every year we spend Christmas day together, just Stephen, Zoey and I as a family, but this year was still different. As our first year living in Seattle, we were completely on our own. We didn't go see any family before or after Christmas day like we usually would. We saw everyone back on the east coast during Thanksgiving, but we won't be back until spring. This was our first Christmas in Seattle and it was an amazing one. 

There really is truth in the quote "home is where your family is." Even though we were in a new city and a new home, it still felt like Christmas.The anticipation leading up to it felt different for me (read more of my thoughts on this: Merry Christmas...Here's to Magical Memories); nonetheless, it turned out to be a wonderful day.

Zoey didn't wake up until almost 8:30 am. I have to admit I was thankful to be able to get the sleep. I woke up to use the bathroom and peeked in the living room to find Zoey sitting on the coffee table staring at the Christmas tree stocked with presents. I sneaked back into the bedroom just in time for her to come running and jump on our bed.

Zoey found her stocking and new friend, which she named Fifi. 

A quick pose while we made coffee and prepared the living room for unwrapping chaos.

It never seems like there will be much under the tree, but every year I am surprised by what is waiting to be unwrapped. Zoey was so excited to see her name on the presents, yet she still constantly made sure her daddy and I had something to unwrap as well. There are moments when her sweetness simply takes my breath away.

Zoey reading the names on the presents...she was so excited!

Since we weren't going to get a traditional Christmas with our extended family, Zoey's grandparents mailed some of her gifts to put under our tree for Christmas morning. It was really exciting to see her enjoy all of her new surprises. She was very thankful and really loved everything she received. I am blessed to see her grow up and get more and more big kid things.

Zoey loved her Hello Kitty rain boots...perfect for Seattle's weather.

I loved Zoey's reaction to this much desired Princess Lego set.
 Zoey was much more specified in her wish list this year. Instead of simply wanting Legos, she wanted the Rapunzel Tower Lego set; instead of a Barbie, she wanted the Barbie with two puppies who walk; instead of toys, she wanted a new Shopkins set. She even requested a chapter book at 5 years old..."Pippi Longstockings." She got it too and we've enjoyed reading a chapter a day over the past couple of days. It is very exciting to see her grow up and really know what she wants.

Zoey announced..."Mom, this is the exact Barbie I wanted!"
 Zoey takes the highlight for most of the day, but Stephen and I had a blast giving and getting presents too. I was so excited to receive a Bluetooth speaker system, a couple much desired books and more. Stephen got "Ender's Game," Adventure Time Munchkin, a remote control car and more, including Legos. It was a great time spent together, we laughed and played and truly enjoyed being together as a family.

There is nothing greater in this life than to sit and laugh with those you love.

The star of this Christmas was Legos. Stephen and Zoey got three sets of Legos and then Zoey received a bucket containing 1600 bricks to create her own masterpieces made by her own imagination. Zoey and Stephen both were in Lego Heaven. It was the first and last thing played with during the day. I enjoyed seeing them so happy.

Every little boy's dream. And girl's dream. And grown man's dream...swimming in Legos, a dream come true.

They built all the sets together first.

Then it was time to break out the monster bucket.

...A beautiful sight.
 It was such a great day. We played and laughed from the moment we woke up until our eyes closed that night. I didn't want the day to end. It felt like a moment suspended from reality where anything was possible and it was impossible not to feel absolute joy. It was a Christmas day full of magic and doesn't get it any better than that. We are in new city with new people and new routines, but family remains the same, I am so blessed.

Christmas Day sunset over the Puget Sound as seen from our porch.
I hope you had a Christmas full of magic and joy. No matter where you are or who you are with be blessed for these moments that take your breath is what we live for.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Sounds perfect and sounded like lots of fun during our brief phone call. Miss you guys xoxoxo