Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015: A Brand New Day

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Today marks the beginning of something new. It is the beginning of a brand new year where anything can happen. You have a chance to write a new story and create new opportunities for yourself. What does this day mean for you?

When I woke up this morning, on the dawn of a new year, I realized something important...everyday is a brand new day. We put so much power in the start of a new year that we fail to realize that everyday can be the start of something new: new chances and new opportunities. Making change happen in your life is really just about deciding it is time to make different, better choices. That can happen on any day. Odds are that beginning won't be on the first day of a new year, even greater odds indicated that you won't even remember when the change truly began. It is not one life changing moment that defines us, it is the culmination of many choices strung together after days, months and years that make us who we are.

This is a concept that is both comforting and scary. Yes, it is true that it takes time to change those things that you dislike about yourself. For me some of those has been weight, anger and apathy. You do not change overnight, it takes time and trust and if you are really lucky, some great people to encourage you along the way. On the other hand, if you fall back into old habits, if you make a poor choice, it is not the end of your positive transformation. We all make mistakes, but if you are trying to be better, to do better, then you will see results. The choice that leads you to your goal will come more effortless next time and what made you stumble will be easier to conquer. Only an entire life can make the measure of a person, not this moment or the next. But this choice does matter because it is leading you to the person you will become, it is deciding the person that you are. Who do you want to be?

I've thought about my new year's resolutions for this year and I've come up with one word. Two years ago I wanted to simplify and last year I wanted to be healthy. I've accomplished those things. I've placed those words as the focus of all the decisions I have made over the last two years and I have seen amazing results. I don't want to make a laundry list of things I want to do, that is something that has never worked for me. But this has: I choose a word, something that I want more in my life. I want a direction that my choices in the next year and longer will lead me.

This year I choose "confident" as my word. I have simplified my life greatly (granted moving across the country into a city helped that, but nonetheless, that was a choice that would have been a lot harder to make without it already being in my heart.) I have also become more healthy in so many ways. I lost 40 pounds over the course of last year. I only have about 15 more pounds until I reach my target weight. I am so proud of myself and the choices I have made to be healthy for myself and my family. This year I will continue to simplify and be healthy, but I want to add confidence to that list.

I want to make choices that allow myself to believe in me. It is not something that comes naturally to me, I am full of self-doubt. However, I want to be confident in who I am. I have begun this journey in the end of this past year, especially since moving to Seattle. I will not apologize for who I am, how I think or what I believe anymore. I am random and weird and contradicting, but I am me and I'm the only one like me and that is okay. That is more than okay...that is all there is. We only live one life and I want to live mine to the fullest, filled to the brim with love, creativity, and passion.

I woke up this morning snuggled between my husband and my daughter...I thought my heart was going to explode with happiness. Today is just another day, a Thursday that happens to begin 2015. A lot has happened to my family and I during this past year. I want to write it all out, but it is taking some time. For now, I want to live this day and then the next and know that I am creating a wonderful life, one that I am excited to live and share with everyone.

Today is a brand new is tomorrow. Live them, love them and laugh always!

Happy New Year!

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