Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Look At That View!

The other day as I was walking home, I decided to take a small detour and visit a pier overlooking Puget Sound. I walk next to this beautiful body of water almost everyday, but sometimes I forget to cherish the beauty of it. This day was not a day that the majesty of it all was lost on me. I stopped to simply enjoy it.

The colors as the sun set were absolutely beautiful. It was like the water was glowing for the mountains to see. The wind was steady, but it wrapped around me gently, like a friend. There was only enough chill in the air to enjoy being cocooned in a warm, plushy coat. 

I looked out over my city and just took it all in. The beauty, the pleasure and the comfort that comes when you love where you live. That moment was full of contentment. It was a overwhelming feeling that almost hurt, it brought me so much joy. 

I took a few pictures of what I saw during this moment. It doesn't do any of it justice, but it is a reminder of my moment of true contentment. You can never stop and enjoy living often enough.

 Live, Laugh, Love,

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