Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 5: Nanowrimo 2015 (Writer's Brain)

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So I'm writing this novel right now about characters who grow up together. The idea is that there are people who know you, the very best and the very worst of you, and still choose you every time, every year, even everyday. It is a powerful feeling, one that I am feeling right now.

I have a best friend I have known since I was four years old and we are still best friends, we always will be. I just talked to her today actually, probably why this, whatever this is, is on my mind.

Don't you hate it when you have this intense feeling that you can't even name? I have that today. I think, in this case at least, it is known as writer's high. But honestly, I am just having trouble keeping my fantasy world apart from my real world. I feel like it is all bleeding over into each other. My real world is coming out in my novel and my characters are showing up in the people I know and the events I experience, in what I think to be the real world.

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I also had this strange realization that not as much has changed over time as I think it has. I believe it is instead I who have changed. I've become more myself and more willing to put myself out there.

That is evident from my current commitment to write a novel. Also, in publishing half-baked ideas online. I usually wait until I have a thought flushed out some. However, that isn't really happening this month.

I've sent my "inner editor" on vacation (thanks to advice from Chris Baty, Nanowrimo founder). I hope she's having fun wherever she is. I like to think she's in the Bahamas maybe, somewhere warm where she can read on the beach.

I must admit, I'm feeling slightly vulnerable with her gone. However, it was necessary to be able to write the sheer volume of words I am aiming for this month. It is impossible to be able to get through a story that fast while constantly checking for grammar and story plot holes. I know my story has plot holes, but it isn't finished yet. My blog, on the other hand, every post is published for all to see and read.

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Here's the rub...I still want to post and write on my blog because I love the connection I have with this medium of creativity.

So I'm just throwing ideas out there and seeing what sticks and maybe something good will come back. I'm not promising to make sense at any point in this next month, but I still like to share ideas.

If anyone out there is doing Nanowrimo this year, how are you holding up so far?

My #Nanowrimo2015 update:
Day 5
14,072 Words Written

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