Sunday, November 15, 2015

Nanowrimo 2015: Halfway Point

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Today is November 15 and marks the halfway point of National Novel Writing Month! I am so proud of myself because I have been writing everyday. I entered in my word count for today bringing me to a grand total of 34,259 words over 15 days. This is well over my target word count for this day, which is 25,000 words, exactly half of the 50,000 word total that I am striving toward.

This challenge has been difficult, but also extremely fun as I push myself and my creative ideas. The other huge part of this challenge is creating good writing habits for myself. Granted, I won't be able to let writing take priority over everything else for an extended period of time. Nonetheless, I have found some creative ways to use my time so that I have more time available to write.

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One of my biggest accomplishments is being able to write around others, especially my loving, well meaning six year old little girl. I have always wanted complete quiet and stillness when I write and it is sheer determination and lots of practice to be able to write in a room with other people. I like being able to go right back to my thoughts after interruptions. Of course, there are times when I prefer quiet, but it is nice to be able to write out in the open instead of always trying to hide. It is a skill that I taught myself for reading years ago that has made me more happy overall; it's nice to be able to write in this manner too.

That is all for now, just a moment to check in. I am glad I am participating in the challenge. I like pushing myself creatively and I'm finally feeling more confident about calling myself a writer. So that in itself is a victory!

My #Nanowrimo2015 update:
Day 15
34,259 Words Written

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