Friday, October 6, 2017

30-Day Meditation Challenge

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

Meditation is the action or practice of meditating.

Thank you Merium-Webster for that clarification. There is something about meditation that seems really vague and difficult to grasp. We are always looking for that zen moment where everything is right in the world. I don't know about you, but that just doesn't happen all the time. When we do not receive that moment of clarity while meditating, we assume we are doing something wrong.

We are not.

Meditation is simply a moment of contemplation. It gives you a chance to stop and think about your day and what you are hoping to receive from it. This creates a perfect opportunity to set an intention and deliberate on what to do next to fulfill that purpose. It is a time for reflection and musing and there is no wrong way to meditate.

For me, meditation isn't sitting and visualizing myself as a tree or the ocean. And please don't tell me to completely clear my mind of all thoughts, that is impossible. Focusing on breath does work for me, but partly because I perpetually forget to breathe all the time.

The act of meditating is a chance for me to have a little talk with myself without any judgement. It is when I check in and decide if what I'm doing is really what I want to be doing in this moment and in life. When something is bothering me, meditating helps me block out the distractions to determine what the source is so I can actually do something decisive about it.

The Challenge

I am beginning a self-established 30-day mediation challenge on Instagram. I choose that platform because it would make me determine my words and thoughts carefully since there isn't room for extended commentary for me to ramble on, like I am now. Also, I wanted to add a visual component to the project.

Meditation is a very personal thing. Even when sitting with others, the journey is within you. I want to be able to share some visual stimulation with my thoughts. Some of it is going to get creative because I'm still not even entirely sure what it will become by the end. That's also the fun of it; I enjoy the expedition of creative practices.

21-Day Meditation challenge with Light Watkins, hosted by Wanderlust TV

In the middle of my 30 days of meditation, I am going to join Light Watkins with Wanderlust TV for a 21-day meditation challenge. I am excited to see what these guided meditations will add to my own practice. In the meantime, I want to get started exploring what mediation means to me.

I am really excited about this challenge. It began yesterday on my Instagram account @ladyanda827. I look forward to my commitment for a daily meditation practice and the accountability to follow through on it.

If you find satisfaction in meditation, or would like to, I'd love to hear your thoughts, questions and ideas!

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