Wednesday, October 24, 2018

New Clay Creations

Zoey is really enjoying this homeschool clay class with Ms. Francis. This week her focus was on a Woodland habitat. She created this piece with a campfire, tree with an axe leaning against it and a pile of logs. It turned out great. Ms. Francis even said she used Zoey's creation to explain how to fasten each piece together, since Zoey did so well with that part of this one. 

Zoey really likes this character, "Sun" that she created, so she drew her on this shard.

Zoey also made this black puppy dog. She emphasised his tongue sticking out, which I thought was great.

Since it was just before Halloween, Zoey created this pumpkin dish with a face.

Zoey is really enjoying her time in the studio working with clay. I love her imagination. She really takes her time and pays attention to detail. I'm so glad we found Ms. Francis and this homeschool class so that Zoey can explore this style of art.

Happy Homeschooling!

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