Monday, October 29, 2018

Vampire Bats Study

In honor of Halloween, we've decided to study the dreaded Vampire Bats. One of the things we learned is that there is actually not much to worry about because Vampire Bats do not feed off of humans.

Zoey filled out this Animal Fact sheet as we learned more and more about this intriguing animals.

Zoey was surprised to learn that bats are mammals. Each mother has one pup a year who is dependent on her for two to three months. Turns out, bats are pretty dedicated mothers. To learn more about the life cycle of a bat we did this cut and paste activity thanks to Twink!...

We used another Twink! resource for a reading comprehension activity and to learn even more about Vampire Bats. [Fourth Grade Vampire Bats Reading Comprehension Activity]

Some of our best resources about Vampire Bats came from YouTube. We watched three very informative and interesting videos regarding Vampire Bats:

We looked up several definitions including nocturnal, echolocation, microbat, megabat and insectivore.

We also used an article in Scholastic News to learn about the Tolga Bat Hospital in Australia that takes care of Fruit Bats and rehabilitates them when they are injured or lose their mother's care too young. This was a great addition to learn how helpful bats are to the environment by eating insects (microbats) or help pollinating plants as they eat fruit (megabats).

We learned a lot of interesting facts about Vampire bats and Bats in general. Bats are fascinating creatures and I am glad we took the time to learn more about them. If you have more resources, I'd love if you would share in the comments so we can learn even more.

Happy Homeschooling!

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