Monday, January 7, 2019

Back to School, Back to Swim

Today was the first day back to school from winter break. Though reluctant to get back into a schedule, we had a great day.

We worked on math and science today. It took us a little bit to get going, but once we did all was well. It is amazing how quick you can get rusty on multiplication tables. We got through them, but not as fast as we once could. I even had to look up a few products.

We are learning about aquaponics in our science unit. This is largely brought on by our family Christmas present - an aquarium and aquaponics grow bed. We got the system all set up and are working on the balances and learning about the system.

Today was also the first day for swim lessons. She was a little frustrated that they are repeating a lot of the things she already knew, but she still enjoyed being in the water. 

It was a great first day back. I am thankful for the amazing opportunity to homeschool and for these wonderful experiences we have together.

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